Why You Need A Iqama Number

Truly, this is to make a record at MOL yet we won’t cause the record yet will to just check our Iqama reparation iqama expiry.

For sure, one can check the Iqama Expiry Date without an enlisted Absher account by using an Absher record of any of his partners, relative. You essentially need to enter his Iqama number at Step – 9 above.’Just get your Iqama and you will see the expiry date clearly referenced on it. Undoubtedly, you can change over the Hijri date to Georgian Calendar to see better. See underneath picture for your advantage

If you have old Iqama, by then you can see the expiry date instead of the iqama issue date, there you can find it and solicitation that any Arabic individual read it for you those numbers if you can’t make it. This date may differentiate a little in case you have restored your Iqama and as you get it a few days in front of calendar than the authentic expiry date.

On the new Iqama instead of the expiry date, you will see the Iqama issue date. Essentially figure and include Hijri year starting there to get the end date

This is at present making an issue that in case you will apply for Kuwait, by then they are mentioning expiry date as on new Iqama it isn’t referenced. For this, you can contact the Ministry of Interior – MOI KSA. We believe the issue will be settled as fast as time licenses.

Iqama is generally called Iqama or Muqeem Card looks like character cards we have in various countries. This is for ousts working in Saudi Arabia in a manner of speaking. In various countries, the worker will have a distinguishing proof with a visa ventured anyway in Saudi Arabia Iqama is given which has a huge amount of information related with it.

An Iqama is check that you are a legitimate worker here in KSA if not, by then you may get in a predicament.

Everything like your money related equalization, driving grant, vehicle assurance, repayments back home, vehicle insurance, therapeutic security, etc are related with it.

Your help or the Kafeel will make this for you are paying the subsequent charge at the Ministry of Labor. Consistently, the visa you arrived here is real for a fourth of a year only and inside this period you have to apply and get this Muqeem/Iqama card for the most part discipline will be constrained.

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